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travelling phrasal verbs and expressions

1. zatrzymać pojazd
see sb off, pull over, pull up, set off
2. zjechać na bok
pull over, pull out, pull up, set out
3. startować
set off dynamic quiz , see sb off, take off, slow down
4. wyruszyć
set off, pull out, run out of, get on
5. wyjeżdżać z bocznej ulicy
pull over, pull out, set out, pull up
6. odprowadzić kogoś
speed up, see sb off, check in, set out
7. interactive ćwiczyć na siłowni
work up, put up, work out, held up
8. być zatrzymanym w korku
fill up, pull up, run over, held up
9. results potrącić
run over, sleep over, run out or, put up
10. przenocować kogoś
fill in, put up, hold up, sleep over
11. online quizzes ruszyć
pull away, pull up , pull over, pull out
12. napełnić paliwem
run out of, fill up, break down, fill in
13. wymeldować się
check in, get off, check out, run out
14. wchodzić na pokład statku
board a ferry, board a ship, board a plane, be on one%27s way
15. class page zapinac pasy
have priority, fasten seatbelts, find one%27s way, show sb the way
16. dojeżdżać do pracy
set off, commute, depart, arrive
17. wagon sypialny
sleeping car, buffet car, dining car, sleeping bag
18. peron
compartment, floor, station, platform
19. przedział
compartment, underground, carriage, puncture
20. guma
passerby, pedestrian, pavement, puncture
21. port morski
pier, harbour, bay, port
22. opłata za przejazd
fare, tip, ticket office, meter
23. przechowalnia bagażu
reclaim area, left luggage office distance learning , luggage trolley, lost and found
24. wycieczka
journey, excursion, outing, trip