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Vocabulary Unit 2 (9 BR) (slider)

1. herumalbern
to mess around, to hang up, desperate, mate
2. e-learning ausgehen, unter Leute kommen
to socialize elearning , to hang out, to stress, insult
3. Duft, Geruch
odour, city council, smelly, reply
4. frech
cheeky, threat, sissy, desperate
5. Kumpel, Kamerad
mate, sissy, enemy, sneak
6. Auswahlmöglichkeit
option quiz generator , insult, desperate, leader
7. Wandmalerei
mural, to beat somebody up, mate, to take part in ...
8. Gelegenheit
oportunity, role model, confident, threat
9. Stadtrat
city council, to break down, role model, to sneak on somebody
10. einreißen, abbauen
to break down, either ... or ..., rarely, mural
11. Sperre, Grenze
barrier, even, to break down, cheeky
12. Gemeinde, Gemeinschaft
community, enemy, violence, to beat somebody up
13. Künstler
artist, leader, mural, to insult
14. print quizzes Gewalt(tätigkeit)
violence, even, artist, to cause
15. selten
rarely, odour, either ... or ..., mural
16. Gleichaltrige(r)
peer, sneak, even, violence
17. Druck
pressure, insult, to stress, either ... or ...
18. selbstsicher, selbstbewusst
confident, peer, oportunity, either ... or ...
19. online education verzweifelt
desperate, cheeky, role model, mural
20. Antwort
reply, barrier, even, confident
21. tool for teachers antworten
to reply, peer elearning , even, community
22. verursachen
to cause, sneak, to insult, oportunity
23. dringend
urgent, even, threat, leader
24. beleidigen
to insult, to take part in ..., cheeky, confident
25. Beleidigung
insult quiz generator , even, leader, to beat somebody up
26. angeben, prahlen
to boast, to get rid of somebody or something, instead, community
27. Jammerlappen
sissy, threat, to beat somebody up, instead
28. educational activities jemanden zusammen-schlagen
to beat somebody up, urgent, threat, instead
29. jemanden verpetzen
to sneak on somebody mix questions , sneak, to socialize, leader
30. Es ist ätzend dass, ...
It sucks that ..., mural, confident, either ... or ...
31. Petze
sneak, reply, mural, peer
32. Bedrohung
threat, to beat somebody up create online tests , odour, community
33. entweder ... oder ...
either ... or ... online , desperate, option, to insult
34. jemanden / etwas loswerden
to get rid of somebody or something, pressure, to socialize, reply
35. an ... teilnehmen
to take part in ... matching excercise , to mess around, sneak, community
36. Feind
enemy, role model, to mess around, to socialize
37. Anführer, Leiter
leader, threat, It sucks that ..., role model
38. interactive sogar
even, violence, to reply, odour
39. betonen
to stress, urgent, enemy, to break down
40. stattdessen
instead, to beat somebody up, It sucks that ..., mural