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Present Cont. for future

1. She is __________ to Italy next month.
%27s going, are going, are go,
2. Sam _________ a new house next spring.
%27s buying, %27re buying, are not buying,
3. What ______________ having for supper?
am flying, flying, is flying,
4. Steven ___________________ to the USA in June.
are she, are you , is you,
5. They ______________ on a school trip on Monday
running, buying, moving,
6. On Wednesday morning Marta isn%27t _____________ her friends.
she, Tom and Sam, I online activities ,
7. Some students are ___________ the poor at the end of the school year.
buying, buy, buing,
8. Mum, dad, Lucy, Meg and Pat are ___________ to a new flat in September.
visiting and help, visiting and helping, visit and helping,
9. Tomorrow wa%27re walking to school but we aren%27t ___________ any sweets in the shop.
meeting, meetting, meeting,