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onregelmatige werkwoorden 1 t/m 30

zoek de verleden tijd en het voltooid deelwoord bij het juiste werkwoord

to come, to deal, to do, to forget, to choose, to be, to feed, to bite, to cut, to beat, to burn, to drive, to fly, to fall , to fight, to build, to break, to become, to eat, to catch, to bet, to get, to draw, to buy, to blow, to flee distance learning , to dig, to drink, to find, to feel,

fed fed, felt felt, came come, drew drawn printable , dug dug, found found mix questions , bought bought, beat beaten, bit bitten, bet bet, fell fallen, built built , broke broken, flew flown, dealt dealt teaching , drove driven generate answer keys , blew blown, chose chosen, was/were been, got gotten crossword maker , became become language , drank drunk, did done, burnt burnt, caught caught, cut cut, ate eaten, forgot forgotten, fought fought, fled fled,