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4 grade. Test.

Дорогие ребята! Это еще один сайт, на котором вы можете проходить тесты, делать разные упражнения, кроссворды и выполнять другие интересные задания. Давайте попробуем выполнить тест. Вы уже делали такие тесты в своем пространстве. На этот тест вам дается 30 минут. УДАЧИ! (нажимайте - continue)

1. The weather wasn%27t bad, when the class went to the zoo.
3-4_mixdown.mp3, stimulate your students , ,
2. Bears are never dangerous to anyone.
Canada, The USA, Great Britain,
3. The rabbit has a small white … .
Nine, Ten, Eleven,
4. (over the phone) - Can I speak to Mary? - Sorry, she is not ... home now.
two, three, four learning ,
5. TASK IV. GRAMMAR. ____________________________________ Choose the correct answer.
Jane and Maria, Jane, Billy and Maria, Jane and Billy,
6. There are many ... in the field.
Billy and Maria, Jane quiz , Maria,
7. What is Snow White like? She … .
primary, high, secondary,
8. John ... English very well.
New York, Lincoln, American,
9. Sylvia ... write English words. She is only four.
5c, 5a, 5b,
10. Is there ... milk in the fridge?
an old town, a modern city, a small town,
11. The two birds are … branch of the tree.
Jane, Jimmy, Billy,
12. There are many … in the forest.
, ,
13. ... you at home yesterday?
, ,
14. New York is … .
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
15. %22A bear cub%22 is a baby bear.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
16. Bears don’t live in Europe.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
17. Who are American?
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
18. TASK II. Reading. _________________________________ Read the text and answer the questions.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
19. Bears eat a lot before winter.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
20. The children didn%27t like the snakes.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
21. LISTENING. __________________________________________________ Listen to the recording and answer the questions. (если хотите еще раз прослушать запись, нажмите на stop и потом на play)
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
22. CLASS TRIP TO THE ZOO. Hi, I%27m Mike. Yesterday we went to the zoo with our teacher. There were 20 of us in the group. We had a great day: the weather was good, and we saw lots of animals: tigers, monkeys, lions, flamingos, eagles and snakes. I liked bears most of all. My best friend Todd liked them very much too. Our teacher told us interesting facts about bears. A bear is a large, heavy, strong animal with thick fur and a very short tail. There are several kinds of bears: black bears, polar bears, and grizzly bears. The brown bear lives in the forests and mountains of Northern America, Europe and Asia. Bears live alone; they never live in groups. Mother bear usually has from one to four baby bears. They are called %22bear cubs%22. They are born in the winter; mother bear feeds them on milk. They live with their mother for one or two years. Bears often spend much of their winter sleeping. Before winter they eat a lot of food. Bears can be dangerous to people.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
23. Snow … dress is nice.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
24. Who likes New York very much?
, matching excercise ,
25. My hobby is collecting stamps. I have ... beautiful stamps.
picture.jpg, test , ,
26. All … should go to school.
in, on, at,
27. What school do they go to?
one, two, three,
28. What class are they in?
near one, in one, on one,
ear, tail, nose,
30. How many squirrels are there?
flowers, berries, mushrooms,
White, White%27s, Whites,
32. Mary ... her homework so she%27s ready for the lesson.
is blond., is kind., likes animals.,
33. Where is Jimmy from?
a hedgehog, a hare, a cheetah,
34. Sophia and Mark ... at the moment.
walking, standing, sleeping,
35. I saw many … in the village.
, ,
36. Tomorrow I ... to the drawing class with my sister.
mouse, mice, mouses,
37. Mother bear has more than five babies.
childs, childrens, children,
38. What is the name of the school?
have breakfast, are having breakfast, had breakfast,
39. Last week I ... an email to my American friend.
much, many, any,
40. There are many animals … the picture.
in, at, to,
41. What is not happening? They are … .
can speak, can to speak, can speaking,
42. How old is he?
Was, Were, Did,
43. ... is your uncle? - He is a policeman.
has just done, has not done, is doing online quizzes ,
44. Mike and Todd liked bears very much.
will going, went, will go,
45. Bears can be black.
gooses, geeses, geese,
46. All the pupils from the class went to the zoo.
some, any, a,
47. Who is Italian?
This, These, Their computer assisted language learning ,
48. TASK III. Look at the picture and choose the correct answer. ___________________________________________________________
Who, Whom, What,
49. Which animal mustn’t be in this picture?
can, must, can%27t,
50. How many best friends does he have?
writed, wrote, did write,