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City life (English Vocabulary in Use Pre-Intermediate)

crowded; full of vehicles or traffic printable , to deal successfully with sth difficult , trains and buses crossword maker , a person who travels into a city to work each day, an area outside the centre of town where people live, causing a lot of anxiety and worry, very quickly or more quickly than usual, entertainment that is available in the evening and at night, full of interest or excitement, the time when people travel to and from work, a place with many shops, either indoors or outdoors, a building where you make things, e.g. cars, a place to leave many cars, a place where you can borrow books, an area with lots of banks and company offices, a building with many floors,

nightlife, a library, a commuter improve results , the rush hour results , stressful, a skyscraper/a high-rise building, to cope with, a shopping centre results , a commercial centre, public transport system, a factory, lively, in a hurry, congested, a car park, suburbs,