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Mock Exam 1 (webinar delivery)

This is a paper to test your skills and knowledge, this does not mirror the wording or length of the dental exam.

1. Which one of the nerves below does not supply the lower jaw?
Wearing a mask, Mouthwash class web page , Using air conditioning, Wearing a sterile uniform,
2. What does the letter “C” stand for in COSHH?
Denture Stomatitis, ANUG, Gingivitis, Caries,
3. What is the average age of eruption for the upper b%27s?
B-Wing holder, Forceps interactive learning , Amalgam Carrier, Trial denture,
4. Where would you find the ramus?
Lactobacillus, Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus aureus, Borellia Vincentii,
5. Which micro-organism initiates dental caries?
Saline, Alcohol, Chlorhexidine, Sodium hypochlorite,
6. What does the term “standard precautions” imply?
All patients are apprehensive, Every patient can be potentially infectious, Infection control should only be used for high risk patients., Gloves and masks should be used to treat infectious patients only,
7. Which items can be treated with cold disinfectant?
Labial, Parotid, Sublingual, Submandibular,
8. What nerve comes through the incisive foramen?
Epileptic fit, Anaphylactic shock, Faint, Choking,
9. What medical emergency may require adrenalin?
Forceps, Probes mix questions , Cannula, Scaler,
10. What does the %27 I%27 stand for in RIDDOR
Upper right decidious canine, Upper right canine, Lower right pre-molar tool for teachers , Lower right canine,
11. What does Borellia Vincentii cause?
Facial, Trigeminal, Opthalmic, Mandibular,
12. What bacteria can be found in dental unit water lines?
Stomatitis, Xerostomia, Leukoplakia, Lichen Planus,
13. Which tooth has the number 53 using the FDI notation system?
maxilla, mandible, temporal bone, zygomatic bone,
14. The Term to describe dryness of the mouth is?
134°C for 3 minutes, 160°C for 3 minutes, 134°C for 15 minutes, 160°C for 15 minutes,
15. Which one of these statements is %27true%27 about enamel?
Continuing, Control, Controlled, Costing,
16. The name of the upper jaw is?
is formed by ameloblast cells, is formed by Odontoblast cells, sensitive to hot and cold., has blood vessels,
17. The transfer of pathogenic micro-organsims from one person to another is known as?
have 2 roots, oblique ridge runs from M-P cusp to D-B cusp, Lower 1st molars have 4 cusps; 2 buccal, 2 lingual, 6s have extra cusp mesio-palatally called the cusp of Carabelli,
18. The term ‘SYNCOPE’ relates to what?
11-12 years, 6-10 mth, 8-13 m, 13-14 years,
19. We can prevent cross infection by...
Lingual Nerve, Mental Nerve, Superior dental nerve, Long buccal nerve,
20. Which nerve is affected if a patient has Bells Palsy?
Irradiation, Incident learning , Injuries assess performance , Isolated,
21. Which of the following is the correct sterilising temperature and time for an autoclave?
Streptococcus mutans, Hepatitis, legionnaires%27 disease, legionella,
22. What is the name of the largest Salivary gland?
The maxilla, The mandible, Within the tooth structure, Attached to the maxilla and mandible,
23. Which items are sterilised by Gamma irradiation?
Mental Nerve, Inferior dental Nerve, Long sphenopalatine nerve/Naso palatine nerve, Greater palatine nerve,
24. A blood spillage should be dealt with by which substance?
Asthma attack, Faint, Cardiac arrest, Diabetic coma,