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Unit 26 Spellings

blind, demand, pond, friend, remind, pretend, beyond test , send, brand results history , grand, land, behind, spend, fond, strand, stand generate answer keys ,

opposite of sit, to .......... upright on your two legs online activities , A single length of hair, or another name for the beach or shore, Opposite of being infront. The lead runner got tired and fell ....., If you have a bad memory you might use notes to help .... you, to use up your money on something by buying it, to really insist on something, to, opposite of sea, a farmer might have 100 acres of ......., to transfer something, like a letter, to deceive, trick. The child ..... to go asleep., more distant than, the other side of something far off, a person you like, get on with and hang out with online quizzes , to like something, to be ..... of it, slang for 1,000. Or something that is really nice and posh, a ...... name. Like Nike, Toyota, Cadbury, Not being able to see, much smaller than a lake. You might have one in you back garden,