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Advertising Techniques

This is a practice activity so you may repeat it until you get 100%25! Match the types of advertising with the correct type of rhetoric

Pathos, Ethos, Logos, group_name4,

ESL You%27ll feel great!, Our car is exciting!, educational games Women go wild over the scent of our cologne, Men prefer blondes, Don%27t miss one adorable baby moment, Tragedy can strike at any time!, Our chili uses only USDA approved beef, Crest is preferred by most dentists two to one, Our movie got two thumbs up, Tiger Woods says why use anything else?, LeBron likes Nikes, save time Quaker Oats is good for your heart, The Audi has standard GPS and 4-wheel drive, Learn more about health benefits of our shampoo, Don%27t damage our environment-buy Chevron,