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6-4.4 Air Masses, Fronts and Pressure Systems

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forms at the boundary where air masses meet and collide , warm air rising or cold air sinking combined with spinning of earth, cold air mass collides and rise over a warm air mass, low pressure tropical storm; forms over warm ocean water, thunder, heavy rains, strong winds and lightning, signals fair weather; clockwise winds, thunderstorms and sometimes tornados and cooler temps, long periods of precipitation and warmer temperatures, long periods of precipitation, when pressure differences cause rapid air movement, type of cloud that brings thunderstorm, when a cold front overtakes a warm front, when neither a cold or warm air mass moves along a front, form a spinning circular pattern around the eye of the storm, day to day conditions of the earth%27s atmosphere, signals rainy and or stormy weather; winds counterclockwise , severe weather conditions, bodies of air that form over water or land in tropical or polar regions, a rapidly whirling funnel shaped cloud; can cause great damage, warm air mass collides and ride over a cold air mass,