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Inventions Review

Correctly match the invention to the description.

National Road, Robert Fulton educational games , industrialization online education , Francis Cabot Lowell, interchangable parts, John Deere, Eli Whitney, Cyrus McCormick create online quizzes , Samuel Slater, Samuel Morse, industry, urbanization, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B %26 O) results history , Erie Canal, Clara Barton, transcontinental railroad,

founder of the Red Cross, manufacturing, selling, and trading of goods, first federally sponsored highway; east-west route results history , mechanical reaper (for harvesting grain), process of transforming from agriculture to manufacturing, first railroad in the U.S, man-made waterway; helped move people %26 goods, cotton gin; interchangable parts for muskets (guns), railroad that linked eastern and western United States create online tests , increased production by manufacturing identical parts, first steel plow (made farming easier), movement of population from rural (farm) to urban(city) areas, built Lowell mills: a textile factory where women worked, telegraph (faster communication) e-learning , first spinning mill; spun cotton into cloth, steamboat (faster transportation),