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Washington to Madison Review

Match the description to the correct president.

George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,

Treaty of Ghent, Hamilton%27s Plan, Battle of New Orleans, Jay%27s Treaty, Burning of D.C., create online tests XYZ Affair, results history National Bank created, Era of Peace, Neutrality, Louisiana Purchase, Marbury v. Madison, Battle of Lake Erie, quiz War of 1812, Alexander Hamilton (Treasury), multiple choice questions Whiskey Rebellion, Political parties began, Judicial Review, Wrote Declaration of Independence, stimulate your students 1803, Pinckney%27s Treaty, Fort McHenry, Lewis and Clark, War Hawks, Size of U.S. doubled, Battle of Thames, interactive learning Judiciary Act 1789, online education Cousin of Sam Adams, Edmund Randolph (Attorney General), Henry Knox (War), Alien and Sedition Acts, Civic virtue, Sacagawea,