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sion / tion Word Sort

Complete the Word Sort. These base words can end with either %27sion%27 or %27tion%27 Sort the words according to the following generalisations: If a word ends in se or te - drop the e and add ion. For example: complete - completion or supervise - supervision. If a word ends in de - drop the de and add sion. For example: conclude - conclusion or invade - invasion.

drop e - add ion, drop de - add sion, group_name3, group_name4,

frustrate, decide, include, short answer questions conclude, supervise, create, short answer questions dicate, anticipate, tense, collide, appreciate, persuade, hesitate, invade, abbreviate, celebrate, online seclude, provide, televise, divide, imitate, hibernate, evaporate, intrude, operate, migrate, confuse, circulate, revise, explode, illustrate, decorate,