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1. porcja
bite, helping, share, part
2. printable zamówić
reserve, book, ask, order
3. podawać
serve, fetch, give, bring
4. dawać napiwek
refund, grant, tip, pay
5. sprawiać że leci ci ślinka
make one%27s mouth water, be hungry, salivate, have a saliva
6. być najedzonym
be fed, be full, be well eaten, be complete
7. kupić jedzenie na wynos
give a tip, send out for build your own quiz , get a takeaway, go out for a meal
8. nie zmieścić deseru
can%27t eat more, not have a space for dessert, have too much, not have a room for dessert
9. prosić o rachunek
please, ask for , have a bill, demand a bill
10. assess performance sos własny
gravy, sauce, gyros, home made sauce
11. kolacja
lunch class page , brunch, dinner, supper
12. serwetka
bar stool, napkin, canteen, handkerchief
13. kuchnia narodowa
kitchen, cuisine, cooker, canteen
14. zapiekanka
fried food, stew, casserole, goulash
15. potrawa
plate, dish, helping, meal
16. test farsz
pie, filling, stuffing, mixture
17. surowy
pastry, ripe, undercooked, raw
18. konserwant
preservative, seasoning, additive, vinegar