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Understanding Networks - Part 3

1. Hosts are sometimes divided into two categories: clients and servers
the communication between computer system or devices, two people talking about computers, computers connected to each other with the ability to share information, IT specialists connected together to troubleshoot a network issue,
2. Type of network in which computers can communicate directly with each other:
Routers, Home network, Mobile Network, Hosts or end systems,
3. Which of the following is NOT true? (check all that apply)
4. Which of the following devices is REQUIRED in order for a computer to connect to a network?
server, node, client, file server,
5. Peer to Peer networks are usually more complex and expensives to set up.
World Area Network, Geographic Area Network, Wide Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network,
6. What is Computer Networking? (check all that apply)
client/server, peer-to-peer multiple choice questions , Internet, none of the above,
7. Which of the following is NOT a type of network?
Metropolitan Area Network, Internet, N.I.C., Wi-Fi,
8. The computer on the network that requests resources or services from another computer on a network, is referred to as a:
the router learns each computers MAC address, a router can be used in place of a switch, a wired network is less secure than a wireless network, peer-to-peer networks are easier to manage than client/server networks,
9. A type of network that connects two or more LAN%27s or MAN%27s is called a:
server, network adapter, router, all of the above,