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Emergency Drugs

Adrenaline, Oxygen, Salbutamol, Eye Wash, Midazolam, Aspirin, epinephrine, Glyceryl Trinitrate , Defibrillator, Hydrocortisone, Intubation tube short answer questions , Aminophylline, Flumazenil, Glucagon, Chlorphenramine educational games , Pocket Mask,

hypoglycaemia, Heart Attack, For use to clean eyes after splashing incident, Asthma, Anaphylactic Shock, Used to open airway, Have ready when dealing with all Medical Emergencies, Epileptic fits, Anaphylactic Shock, Angina, Cardiac Arrest, Cardiac Arrest, IV Sedation overdose, Anaphylactic shock class web page , Asthma, Anaphylactic shock,