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Mixed Eras Review

1. In the United States, the Dust Bowl mainly affected
miners in the Northeast, farmers in the Midwest, loggers in the Northwest, fisherman in the Southeast
2. One of the primary reasons for the US to build the Panama Canal was to
force transcontinental railroads to reduce their rates, decrease the US Navy%27s sailing time between the Oceans, fulfill obligations under a treaty with the French, protect the environment %26 native cultures of Cent Am countries
3. The Clayton Anti-trust Act and the Sherman Anti-trust Act both tried to
regulate labor unions, regulate foreign trade, restrict the power of big business, regulate the employment of children
4. TVA was designed to provide flood control, recreational opportunities, and cheap electricity through
an agressive military recruitment campaign ESL , a system of govt owned hydroelectric dams, a project to register African Americans to vote, an extension of railroads from the North to the South
5. During the late 1800s,rapid industrialization contributed to all of the following except
overcrowded cities, unsafe working conditions, political corruption, equality for women
6. e-learning The policy of %22speak softly and carry a big stick%22 symbolizes America%27s interests in ---
Asia, Africa, South America, Latin America
7. %22Survival of the fittest%22 best applies to
Progressivism, Moral Diplomacy, anti-Communism, Social Darwinism
8. When the US enter WWII it became allied with
Japan , Great Britain, Germany , Italy
9. During the early 1950s, American led United Nations forces successfully resisted Communist aggression in
Vietnam, USSRstimulate your students , Korea, Japan
10. The acquisition of the Hawaiian Islands in 1898 was a result of US
Progressivism, Imperialism, Socialism , Isolationism
11. Which of the following acts was intended to prevent disloyalty among US citizens during WWI?
The Hepburn Act, The Sedition Act, The Volstead Act, The Hatch Act
12. The spirit of postwar isolationism in America was best illustrated in 1920 when the US Senate rejected participation in the
European Union, League of Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Commonwealth of Independent States
13. In 1919, what became illegal throughout the US as a result of the 18th amendment?
Poll taxes, Political parties, Alcoholic beverages, federal income taxes
14. %22Remember the Maine%22 is a memorable slogan and rallying cry. It symbolizes the onset of
World War II, World War I, the Korean War, the Spanish American War
15. Which president was credited with removing US troops from Vietnam?
Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson
16. interactive The efforts of Susan B Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt were recognized when American women were able to
volunteer to help the needy, move into executive positions, exercise their voting rights, attend graduate and professional schools
17. Many people in the US resented the %22new wave%22 of immigration that began in the 1890s because
available land for farming did not exist in the US online learning games , immigrants were wealthier than most American citizens, new immigrants were willing to work for less money, factories closed rather than hire workers from foreign nations
18. web pageWhich of the following can be considered a direct response to the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?
The Chinese Civil War (1945-1950), The Warsaw Pact (1953), The Korean War (1950-53), The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)
19. In the 1880s, popular concern about railroad abuses such as price fixing, kickbacks, and unfair freight rates led to the
Pendelton Civil Service Act, Interstate Commerce Act, March of the Unemployed, Haymarket Square Riot
20. African Americans migrated to the North in great numbers after WWI to take advantage of
cheap farmland, employment opportunities create online tests , social acceptance, political rights