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Tenses- Revision

Choose the correct answer

1. We had already travelled some distance when the sun rose. Did our journey start...
hasn%27t started yet, has started but not finished distant learning , is over,
2. I%27m going to work by bus this week.
is off?, is on?, may be on or off?,
3. When we were talking, Tom left the room. Which took longer?
how much I have learnt?, the action going on for a long time?, what I%27m going to do next?,
4. i%27ve been studying all afternoon and i%27ve got a headache. Am I thinking of...
before sunrise?, at sunrise?, after sunrise?,
5. I%27ve switched off the burglar alarm. Do I think that the alarm...
I always go to work by bus, I%27m changing my routine for a period of time., My routine is idfferent for this week,
6. I felt terrible when I realised I had forgotten her birthday. Which action was the first one?
realising?, feeling terrible? , forget?,
7. I can%27t get Tessa on the phone. I%27ve been trying all morning.
in London, back home, Answer_3,
8. Martin has changed his mind about next weekend.
I stopped calling her an hour ago, I%27ll go on calling, I%27ve just talked to her,
9. Vicky is watching the weather forecast. The weather forecast:
He%27s got new plans, He%27s thinking about a new destination, He had new plans,