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1. Name one indicator of needing an RCT?
to detect infection , to take an xray, to fill the canal , measuring the canal length precisely,
2. What is an apex locator used for?
to measure the canal, to fill a space and close off, perforation of root and root canal, surgical procedure at the apex,
3. Why does the dentist take an xray with a file in the canal
Pain to pressure (TTP), Bleeding gums, Ulceration of the tongue, True Pocket,
4. What is a finger spreader used for?
measuring canal length, to fill the root canal , to absorb moisture , to clean the interdental space,
5. Why would a dentist use paper points?
extraction, filling class website , scale and polish save time , apply flouride,
6. What does a endodontics file do?
interdental cleaning, extractions, cleans and shapes the root canal, polish the tooth,
7. What is a GP Point?
to see if its magnetic, to see if it can be seen on xray, to obtain the working length, to check for caries ,
8. What is an alternative treatment to RCT?
packing point to ensure no spaces remain, to measure the canals, to check retention generate answer keys , type of rubber dam clamp,