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Devil%27s Arithmetic #4 Matching -TEST MARCH 8

very erratic and inconsistent; no visible plan, lessening or even disappearing completely, Gitl would not let Hannah touch this dead body, what does Hannah lose when her hair is cut?, heated emotion, something that is recognizable, the villagers were kept in these for four days, tasteless; very gaudy, passion and intensity, the iron gate of the camp says work makes you , who calls the bowls %22Every Bowl%22 ?, who asks for food for the hungry children, puzzling and slippery, very threatening, an ungrateful person, very loud and piercing, defenseless and exposed, approval; agreement crossword maker ,

affirmation, dissipating, ingrate, vulnerable, discernable, free, memory, garish, Rivka, raucous, ominous, fervor, arbitrary, boxcars, vehemence, Gitl, Tzipporah, elusive,