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Devil%27s Arithmetic #3 - TEST MARCH 8

What did the wedding party see when they got to the village? ESL , who is getting married to Fayge?, who does the rabbi say will guard the village?, unable to figure out, kept at a distance, around the edge; the fringe, unable to solve something, to ruin or violate something, who finds Fayge%27s hand is rough english , clear-headed, what do the Jews notice when they get to the train station?, cocky and arrogant class web page , heavy and penetrating, to position someone, such as soldiers, in one place, who says not to fear men, only to tremble before God?, what helps Hannah figure out what is happening?, how do the Jews calm their fears?, furnaces for burning, who thinks the sherele is too gloomy for a wedding, sour and gloomy, ordered, the aunts and grandmothers are already,

rabbi, crematoria, billet, undistinguishable, relative%27s bags, decreed, Nazi soldiers, year, Fayge, singing, Shmuel teacher , desecrate, impudent, Hannah, resettled online , periphery, undeciperable, lucid, alienated, profound, dour, Nazi trucks,