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A New Government

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, Strict Construction, Pinckney%27s Treaty quiz , Loose Construction, Judiciary Act of 1801, Sectionalism teacher , Whiskey Rebellion, War Hawks, Twelth Amendment tool for teachers , Embargo Act, Judiciary Act of 1789, Treaty of Ghent, Judicial Review, Aaron Burr, Impressment, Cabinet, Democratic-Republicans, Andrew Jackson, Alien %26 Sedition Acts,

Law that increased the # of federal judges, 7th President; General in the War of 1812, U.S. politician who served as Vice President under Jefferson, Practice of taking American sailors and forcing into military service quiz generator , Supreme Court to determine if a law is constitutional, Led by Thomas Jefferson and favored strong STATE gov%27ts, Act that created the federal-court system - three tiered structure, Western settlers who advocated war with Britain tool for teachers , U.S. tried to hurt Britain %26 France by cutting off military supplies, Protest caused by tax on liquor. Tested the will of the government, Ended the War of 1812, Agreement between US %26 UK that changed Florida%27s border, Vote for President/V.P. on seperate ballots, Enabled gov%27t to imprison/deport aliens and prosecute critics, Claimed that the Alien %26 Sedition Acts violated the U.S. Constitution, Group of officials who head gov%27t departments %26 advise President, Allows federal gov%27t ONLY to do what specifically is stated , Allows federal gov%27t to take action that isn%27t specifically listed, Loyalty to a state or section rather than to the whole country,