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11 grade. USE. Listening, grammar and vocabulary.

1. A3. The man thinks local children need a place to play.
C, c, , ,
2. Speaker 5. #
B, b, , ,
3. A14. You will hear a woman talking about moving to another country. What did she find difficult?
F, f, , ,
4. B8 After the war, he # (make) an important discovery. He discovered a way to kill bacteria.
G, g, , ,
5. Grammar and Vocabulary. B4-B10. _______________________________________ Alexander Fleming
A, a, , ,
6. B4 Have you heard of penicillin? It%27s a type of medicine that # (kill) bacteria. Bacteria can cause infections.
D, d, , ,
7. Speaker 2. #
, ,
8. B10 It # (take) several years for scientists to realise that Fleming had found a way to save millions of lives.
True, False, Not Stated,
9. B16 He had become a major star in the entertainment world and audiences couldn%27t get enough of his # (drama) and exciting act. Houdini carried on his thrilling audiences until his death in 1926, at the age of 52.
True, False, Not Stated,
10. A6. The man has decided that he wants to be on the local council.
True, False, Not Stated,
11. B13 Houdini mainly concentrated on the card tricks at the # (begin) of his career. It was incredible escape acts, though, that brought him fame and great wealth.
True, False quiz , Not Stated,
12. B11 Harry Houdini is said to be the greatest magician of all time. He started doing his magic show professionally in the USA in 1891. In 1893 he met a fellow # (perform) called Bess Rahner.
True, False, Not Stated,
13. A1. The Friends of Fisher Park is a group of 25 children.
True, False, Not Stated,
14. A7. The council will make its decision about the park next month.
True, False, Not Stated,
15. A11. You will hear a nurse talking to a patient. What does he want a patient to do?
ESL , ,
16. A10. You will hear a man talking about his house. What is he going to build next?
a person, lightning online learning games , faulty electrical wiring,
17. A9. You will hear a policitician talking about her career. When did she bacome interested in politics?
at school, at university, at work,
18. A8. You will hear a news report about a fire. What was its probable cause?
an extension to the living room, a swimming pool, a garage,
19. Speaker 4. #
get out of bed, eat her lunch, take her tablets class website ,
20. B7 During the First World War, he worked in a hospital in France, # (help) the soldiers who had been hurt.
She won the national lottery., She entered a competition in a magazine., She inherited it from a relative.,
21. A13. You will hear a singer talking about his next album. What inspired him to write the songs on the album?
his success, a relationship, his recent tour,
22. A4. The group has just sent a letter to every councillor.
getting a job, learnig the language, meeting new people,
23. A2. The local council is planning to build some flats where the park is now.
, ,
24. Speaker 6. #
kills, , ,
25. A12. You will hear a woman talking about a lot of money. How did she get it?
died, had died, create online tests , ,
26. B6 Fleming # (study) medicine at St Mary%27s Hospital in London.
studied, , class website ,
27. Speaker 3. #
helping, , ,
28. B14 In 1904, after a four-year # (Europe) tour,
made, , ,
29. B5 Many people # (die) in the past because of them. A doctor from Scotland called Alexander Fleming discovered antibiotics.
did not/ didn%27t understand, , ,
30. B12 They married three weeks later and, for the end of Houdini%27s career, Bess worked as his # (assist) on stage.
took, , ,
31. B9 At the time, however, other doctors # (not understand) how important Fleming%27s discovery was. Because of this, he stopped doing his experiments.
, ,
32. Listening. B1. ___________________________________ A. I prefer watching films at the cinema. B. I%27m not keen on films with special effects. C. I have seen several very good films recently. D. I usually trust my friends%27 opinions of films. E. Watching films at home seems more fun to me. F. I am not influenced by film reviews in newspapers. G. Cinemas are too expensive for me these days.
performer, , language ,
33. A5. There are council elections every two years.
assistant, , ,
34. B15 Houdini returned to the States with cause for # (celebrate).
beginning, , ,
35. Speaker 1. #
European, , ,
36. Listening: A8-14. Multiple choice. ___________________________
celebration, , stimulate your students ,
37. Listening: A1- A7, True-False-Not Stated ______________________________________________
dramatic, , ,