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Match the terms with the best response.

EPINEPHRINE dose used in cardiac arrest, Sodium bicarbonate for acidosis, Amiodarone for rapid atrial arrhythmias, Plavix dose for STEMI, LIDOCAINE dose for VF or pulseless VT, Atropine dose for symptomatic bradycardia, 30:2 ratio, give synchronized shocks for, defibrillation for, ROSC, time to assess for a pulse, depth needed for effective chest compressions, New ACLS guidelines C-A-B isweb page, ADENOSINE used for SVT, ST ELEVATION ON A 12 LEAD EKG, Amiodarone for pulseless VT or VF,

Return Of Spontaneous Circulation, 300mg loading dose, then 75mg po daily, 2 inches for adults/children or 1/3 CHEST infants: 1 1/2%22, seen in 2 or more related leads indicates a myocardial injury, Ventricular tachycardia with a pulse, 1mEq/kg IVP or 1 -50ml amp, 300MG IVP, may repeat 150MG IN 3-5 min X1, 1.0-1.5MG/KG, 3MG/KG max dose, 1MG IVP may be repeated Q 3-5 minutes, 10 seconds, 6MG RAPID IVP, repeat dose is 12MG RAPID IVP mix questions , pulseless VT or VF, ratio of chest compressions to respirations, chest compressions, airway, breathing, 150MG BOLUS OVER 10 MIN. THEN DRIP AT 1MG/MIN X6 HRS , 0.5MG IVP, REPEAT Q 3-5 MINUTES, MAX 3MG,