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2011-2016 Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ACLS QUIZ

Give the best response to test your knowledge.

1. Which medication is an adrenergic (sympathetic) stimulator and used to treat cardiac arrest and symptomatic bradycardia refractory to Atropine %26 transcutaneous pacing?
atropine, , ,
2. Amiodarone is a antidysrhythmic used for ventricular tachycardia, VT, ventricular fibrillation, VF, or for rapid atrial arrhythmias. The dosage used during a VF/VT cardiac arrest is:
150mg in 100cc normal saline over 10minutes, 300mg in 1L D5W over 4 hours, 300mg IVP, may repeat 150mg in 3-5 minutes x 1, 3mg IVP,
3. Th American Heart Association%27s ACLS 2011-2016 guidelines no longer recommend ________#___________ to be given as a routine medication in the management of pulseless electrical activity, PEA or asystole and has been removed from the ACLS Cardiac Arrest Algorithm.
TRUE, FALSE test , ,
4. Lidocaine is an antidysrhythmic used to treat VF, VT, and PVC%27s. The nurse is setting her IV pump to deliver the lidocaine at 2mg/minute.The lidocaine is premixed as 2g/500ml. Using the clock method, 2mg/min would be 30cc/hr. True or False
6mg IV, then 12mg if needed, 12mg IV, then 6mg if needed, 12mg IV, repeat 12mg if needed quiz generator , 6mg IV, repeat 6mg if needed,