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The Nation%27s First Governments

Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution, group_name3, group_name4,

Congress could request states to pay taxes, Only had 1 branch of gov%27t - legislative branch, 13/13 votes needed to for amendment, Each state had one vote in Congress, Congress could not draft troops; dependent on states, No control of trade between states, 9/13 needed to approve legislation, No executive with power, Shay%27s Rebellion was sign of the weaknesses of this gov%27t, interactive Congress has right to levy taxes on individuals, Court system created to deal with issues bet. people, Congress has right to regulate trade between state, educational games No provision to regulate interstate trade, Established three branches of gov%27t - checks %26 balances, Bicameral legislature - House of Reps %26 Senate, Congress can raise an army to deal w/ military situations, Established a strong central gov%27t, Bill of Rights - Individual rights protected from gov%27t, Federal court system to handle disputes, New Jersey Plan - Equal Representation, Congress had no power to tax, but states had power, U.S. first constitution, This was a revision of the Articles of Confederation, Virginia Plan - Representation on Populatio, Federalists favored this constitution, Anti-Federalists favored this constitution,