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Working and Formatting Text with WordPAd

1. It is the horizontal Layout style of a document.
8 1/2 by 14 inches, 8 1/4 by 10 inches, 8 1/2 by 11 inches,
2. This is similar to the a short bond paper.
Portrait, Landscape grading , Bullet,
3. It is the distance from the edge of the paper to the dument text.
View, Bold, Bulleted List, Alignment,
4. Shortcut key for Justify
Letter size, Font size,
5. It temporarily applies formatting on the focused text or object when any formatting button is mouse- hovered.
alignment, line spacing, margin,
6. It is similar to the size of a long bond paper.
Ctrl %2b J, Ctrl %2b C printable , Ctrl %2b E, Ctrl %2b B,
7. Enumerate Font Styles
hardcopy, softcopy,
8. The vertical arrangement of a document.
Underline, Italic educational games , Bold,
9. Keyboard action for Paste
Live Preview matching excercise , Previewing, Orientation,
10. The group that displays the commands for changing font style, color, and size.
Portrait, Landscape, Bullet, Legal size,
11. Shortcut key for Align text to the right
Bold, Underline, Justify,
12. Shortcut key for Align text to the left
Margin, Answer_3,
13. It refers to how the appearance of your text in the documents look like.
Center, Justify, Align text to the left, Align text to the right,
14. Enumerate Alignment Types
Align text to the right, Center, Justify,
15. An area of measurement of a Legal size paper is
Bullet, Alignment, Font, Text,
16. The layout of how the document will be printed on paper.
Italic, Bold, Underline, Bullets,
17. Keyboard action Bold
Orientation, Formatting, Line Preview,
18. To emphasized letter or words.
8 1/2 by 14 inches, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, 8 1/4 by 11 inches,
19. To align text in the center position of the paragraph. We pressed
Letter size, Legal size, Font Size,
20. Keyboard action for Italic
Legal size, Font size educational activities ,
21. Keyboard action for Copy
Indent, Orientation, Formatting,
22. An area measurement of a Letter size paper is
Clipboard Group, Font Group, Paragraph Group,
23. The default paper size
Formatting, Orientation, Live Preview, Previewing,
24. This is used to present a list of information and give emphasis to each item in the list.
Ctrl %2b J, quiz generator , ,
25. Change the spacing between lines of text.
Ctrl %2b E, , ,
26. To slant letters or words.
Ctrl %2b R, , ,
27. Enumerate Commonly Used Paper Size
, ,
28. Keyboard action for Cut
, ,
29. It allows you to see how the document will look like before printing.
Ctrl %2b I, , ,
30. Keyboard action for Underline
, ,
31. To align text to the right position of the paragraph.
Ctrl %2b X, , ,
32. It is used to determine where a new paragraph starts.
Ctrl %2b C, educational activities , ,
33. It is the printer%27s output in paper.
Ctrl %2b V, , ,
34. Shortcut key for Center
, ,
35. Changing the size, orientation and margins using setting
Portrait Landscape, Landscape Portrait, , ,
36. Enumereate the Kinds of Paper Orienttaion
, ,
37. Shortcut key for Print
, ,
38. T underline letters or words.
Cut Copy Paste, Copy Cut Paste, Paste Cut Copy, Paste Copy Cut, , language ,
39. To align text to both the left and right margins, adding extra space between words as necessary.
Letter size Legal size, Legal size Letter size , , ,
40. It is a designed set of letters, numbers and characters.
Live Preview, Preview, Page Setup , Print,