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Afghan History Quiz

1. During the Cold War the king of Afghanistan accepted extensive economic assistance from who?
Soviet Union, Britain, Canada, United States of America,
2. Which of the following is a strong part of Afghan culture?
TRUE, FALSE language , assess performance ,
3. After the invasion from the Soviet Union of Afghanistan, in 1988 the USSR, U.S., Afghanistan, and Pakistan signed accords calling for an end to outside aid to the warring factions. In return, a Soviet withdrawal took place.
Pakistan, Taliban, Soviet Union, Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin,
4. The Taliban commit human rights violations and have imposed strict laws such as dress code for women consisting of requirement to cover themselves from head to foot in public
5. What is the main religion of Afghanistan?
Democracy , Single party state (communism), Fascism, Conservatism,
6. In October 2001 the United States launched attacks against Taliban and Al Qaeda (bin Laden%27s organization) because? (Select the BEST answer)
7. A drought in West and Central Asia that began in the1990s was most severe in Afghanistan.
Poetry, Oil Painting, Cuisine, All the above,
8. The Attan is considered the national dance of Afghanistan.
TRUE, FALSE generate answer keys , ,
9. During the Soviet Union how was the regulation of Afghanistan government ?
The United States did not want to provide financial aid for Afghanistan, The Taliban were continiously invading the United States, they felt this would be the solution, They did not like them, The Taliban refused to give bin Ladens location, they felt this would be the most efficent way to locate him,