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SD: 7: Identifying HTML Form Elements and Attributes

name, radio button, text box, form, input, select, method, cols short answer questions , textarea, cellspacing, reset button, %3ccaption%3e, action, value, %3ctd%3e, password field,

Required to create a Web form %26 contains all form elements, This tag encloses table cell contents, Specifies the width of a scrolling text box, Used to create text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons etc, Identifies user input %26 associates it with value , Alllows you to add title that appears above title by default, text box that visually masks entered text as asterisks, Manipulates the amount of space between cells in a table prepare quiz , Allows default text to appear inside a text box, Specifies how a browser will send form data to a Web server , clears all form data and sets all form fields to default value, Field form offers a round option field in group of 2%2b exclusive opt, Specifies name %26 location of script used to process the form , Used to create drop-down option lists, Used to create a scrolling box into which text can be entered, A field into which a user can enter characters,