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SD: 6: Identifying HTML Table Elements and Attributes

%3ca%3e tag attribute and value used to create hyperlink , Attribute: shows number of columns a single cell can occupy test , Optional element for top row / left column.Text will be bold/center, Aligns content vertically in all cells in the row, Attribute: used for amount of space between table cells, Required element encloses table cell contents, Attribute: can be used to center table data vertically, Required element that contains all data for a table row, Attribute specifies custom formatting for row of cells dynamic quiz , Attribute: determines the vertical height of the cell, Optional element used to add a title above a table, Determines background color for a single cell, Attribute: amount of space between cell content %26 border online activities , Attribute: shows number of table rows a single cell can occupy, %3ca%3e tag attribute defined an internal bookmark within a page, Element to create a table %26 contains all other table elemements,

align, colspan save time , rowspan, cellpadding elearning , bgcolor, th, valign, table matching excercise , tr, style, cellspacing mix questions , href=%22#TargetArea%22, caption, td create online activities , name, height,