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Verb definitions

saber, tener, jugar, dar educational games , pensar, comer create online quizzes , creer, aprender, nadar, servir, poder, morir, leer, oir, pedir, salir, entender, dormir, correr class web page , ser, ensenar, hacer, escribir, estar, vivir, cubrir, aburrir, beber, escuchar quiz generator , romper, huir prepare quiz , esconder, depender, despertar, ayudar, conocer, ver, matar,

to think quiz generator , to wake, to serve, to see, to do/make, to cover, to run, to play, to know (something), to be, to hear, to be , to give, to write, to understand, to be able to, to read, to hide, to drink, to listen, to depend, to teach, to eat, to know (someone), to have, to ask for, to bore, to believe, to leave, to swim, to break, to kill, to live, to help class page , to learn, to escape online activities , to die, to sleep,