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World War One and the Jazz Age

1. The growth of the automobile industry led to growth in the following industries
textiles, glass, oil, rubber, glass, mining, none of these
2. This group pushed to make alcohol illegal.
Temperance Movement, Ku Klux Klan, Women suffragists, Flappers
3. Langston Hughes%27 literary work flourished during this period.
The Great Migration, The Civil War, The Harlem Renaissance, The Harlem Revolution
4. She felt that unplanned pregnancies were a shackle to women - pioneer of birth control.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony help students assimilate material , Margaret Sanger, Jane Addams
5. True or False: Prohibition stopped the sale, manufacture, and distribution of alcohol.
True, False web 2.0 , _, _
6. interactive learning Free spirited women, newly liberated in part because of their work experience in WWI
Isolationists, Temperence leaders, suffragists, flappers
7. Silent film actor who was popular during the Jazz Age
Charles Lindbergh, Clarence Darrow, Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler
8. Which best defines the Harlem Renaissance?
a time of great racial tension, a time of high interest in southern Af. American culture, the renovation of turn of the century buildings in Harlem, time of Af. American achievement in literature and music
9. Which phrase best describes the 1920s?
trusting and patriotic, spirited and uncertain, prosperous and secure, stable and traditional
10. Why were the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties?
There was much lifestyle change short answer questions , Congress passed many pro-immigration bills, many immigrants entered the US eager to find jobs, Americans wanted to intervene in European politics
11. The movie industry became a leading industry of the 20s. Though the 1st movies were silent, %22talkies%22 were soon invented. What does this growth say about the 20s?
there was a growing sense of nationalism, there was a conservative movement beginning, there was a disinterest in radio, it was a time of prosperity
12. A few million African Americans migrated from the South to the North during the
Harlem Renaissance, Temperance Movement, Great Migration, Spanish American War
13. What did Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony and Lucy Stone have in common?
They opened settlement houses in NY and Chicago, They wrote books addressing the Standard Oil trust, They wrote books about the meatpacking industry, They worked for women%27s suffrage in the mid 1800s
14. What did the 19th amendment do?
Gave African American men and women freedom, Gave women the right to vote, Gave the govt the right to tax its citizen%27s incomes, Allowed for direct election of senators
15. Jane Addams%27 Hull house was formed to help
immigrants and the impoverished, farmers, miners and industry workers, single women
16. The Spanish American War was fought to
allow Cuba to become a part of the US, free Cuba from Spanish rule build your own quiz , assist Spain in establishing control of the Cuban govt, remove the US military presence in Cuba
17. Which person received a patent for the telephone?
Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Phillip Armour, Alexander G. Bell
18. Which of the following best describes a nationalist?
someone who loves another country class page , someone who loves their country over any other, someone who wants all countries to join together, someone who wants to abolish countries and borders