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SD: Course Assessment

1. print quizzes You are designing a Web site for a client. The site must be attractive, uncluttered and easy to navigate. This requirement is considered what type of Web Design issue?
Back-end issues, Programming Issues, Database issues, Front-end issues
2. Which term is used to describe the rate of data transfer over a network connection, measured in bits per second?
Accessibility, Download, Bandwidth, Spam
3. Why is it important to write XHTML code manually instead of relying solely on a GUI editing program?
GUI editors never allow manual updates., Adding code manually lets you connect pages using hyperlinks, You can manually add XHTML code to extend GUI capabilities, Writing XHTML manually is quicker and easier than GUI editor
4. online education As a general rule, what is the maximum size your Web page should be?
50 KB, 100 KB crossword maker , 500 KB, 1 MB
5. Which of the following file names could represent the default document for a cat fancier%27s Web site in most Web servers?
kitty.htm, kitty.home, default.index, index.html
6. online education What language allows you to use certain deprecated tags to alter text formatting on a page?
XHTML Strict, XHTML Transitional, SGML, XML
7. Which of the following is an example of an HTML / XHTML markup interpreter?
CD-ROM, Proxy Server, XHTML tag, E-mail program
8. Site validation should be performed:
Once at the end of the development cycle online quizzes , Multiple times throughout the development cycle, Once at the middle of the development cycle and at the end, Only when accessibility issues become a concern
9. What is the benefit of using the W3C%27s HTML code validation service to validate your code?
Your code will automatically update older browsers, Your code will conform to government accessibility standard, Your code wll automatically be updated with proper tags, Your code will render properly to a larger audience
10. What is the primary function of XHTML?
To describe content in a Web page, To broadcast audio, To enhance animation, To position content on a Web page
11. Which of the following establishes nationally recognized rules meant to protect the rights of a Web site%27s author?
Ethics, Copyright, Trademark, Trade secrets
12. interactive learning Which choice represents valid XHTML tag use?
Both %3cp%3eWeb page text %3c/p%3e and %3cp/%3eWeb page text, Only %3cp%3eWeb page text%3c/p%3e build your own quiz , Both %3c/p%3eWeb page text%3c/p%3e and %3cp%3eWeb page text%3cp%3e, Only %3cp/Web page text%3c/p%3e
13. What two XHTML Transitional elements are used to create boldface text?
%3cbold%3e and %3ca%3e, %3cem%3e and %3cbig%3e, %3cb%3e and %3cstrong%3e, %3cdfn%3e and %3csup%3e
14. Which of the following embeds formatting information into a document to instruct an interpreter how to render text?
Markup tags, Hyperlinks, The %3cbody%3e tag, Attributes
15. In a CSS document, which of the following indicates the page element being modified?
Declaration, Value, Selector, Property
16. In the XHTML document, text that will appear in the browser as Web page content is encompassed by which set of tags?
The %3ctitle%3e %3c/title%3e tags, The %3cbody%3e %3c/body%3e tags, The %3chead%3e %3c/head%3e tags, The %3chtml%3e %3c/html%3e tags
17. Which tag could you use to add a brief summary of your markup page%27s contents for display in browser search results?
%3chead%3e, %3cbody%3e online quizzes , %3cmeta%3e, %3chtml%3e
18. What type of XHTML element will affect at least an entire paragraph of page content?
A block-level element, A text-level element online activities , A paragraph-level element, A content-level element
19. Which attribute determines the image that will be tiled behind the contents of a page?
The bgcolor attribute of the %3chtml%3e tag, The text attribute of the %3cimg%3e tag, The background attribute of the %3cbody%3e tag, The img attribute of the %3cbackground%3e tag
20. Which attribute controls the length of a horizontal rule?
size, align, length, width
21. Which attribute of the %3cdiv%3e tag would you use to mark a section of code so that you can format it using a style sheet?
css, id, link, align
22. Transparency, interlacing and animation are all techniques supported by which image file format?
23. Which attribute controls the color of a link when a mouse is pressed but not released over the link?
alink, vlink, link, text
24. Which term describes the underlined, colored text on a Web page that a user can click to access another Web page?
Fully qualified URL, Anchor, Hyperlink, Partial URL
25. When are partial URLs used with hyperlinks?
When using an external image as a link, When linking to another location on the same site, When linking to an external Web site, When accessing a system file on the Web server
26. web 2.0 Which tag is used to create hyperlinks that connect Web pages to other files on the Internet or to text within the same page?
The %3chref%3e tag, The %3chead%3e tag, The %3clink%3e tag, The %3ca%3e tag
27. When is it necessary to use a fully qualified URL?
When using an image as a link, When linking to another location of the same site, When linking to an external site, When accessing a file%27s internal link
28. Which %3ca%3e tag attribute defines an internal bookmark within a page?
name, internal, bookmark, href
29. Which %3ca%3e tag attribute and value creates a hyperlink to a defined internal bookmark?
name=%22TargetArea%22, internal=%22#TargetArea%22, bookmark=%22TargetArea%22, href=%22#TargetArea%22
30. Which table tag encloses table cell contents?
%3ctr%3e school , %3cth%3e, %3ctd%3e, %3ctable%3e
31. Which table tag allows you to add a descriptive title that appears above the table by default?
%3cborder%3e, %3ccaption%3e, %3ctitle%3e, %3ctable%3e
32. Which of the following table tags specifies cell content?
%3cth%3e, %3ctable%3e, %3ctr%3e, %3ctd%3e
33. In which tag would you include the border=%221%22 attribute and value to add a table border?
%3ctable%3e, %3ctr%3e, %3cth%3e, %3ctd%3e
34. Which table element is often used to create a column or row heading that is bold and centered?
%3cth%3e, %3ctd%3e, %3ctr%3e, %3ctable%3e
35. The cellpadding attribute refers to:
The space between rows of table cells, the space between columns of table cells, the space between cell content and cell border, the space between individual table cells
36. results history Which attribute can be used to center table data vertically?
align, td, valign, tr