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We%27ve never learnt to drive

1. What is Josie planning?
, ,
2. Tudor started travelling in #
in 1985, school , ,
3. When did Josie travel abroad for the first time?
4. Josie always travels alone.
40, 50 , 60,
5. Tudor Bowen-Jones is going to spend his 90th birthday doing what he loves best – hitch-hiking.Tudor, a retired teacher from South Wales, has spent 60 years hitch-hiking all over the world. He is now on his seventh passport, and wants to be in Vienna for his birthday. Tudor’s first journey abroad was to France and Belgium in 1947. Now he likes to make two or three journey a year. But he has never learnt to drive.Tudor says: “I started hitch-hiking round Britain in the 1940s when I didn’t have any money. It was the only way to travel. I’ve been to 40 countries, and I think it’s an excellent way to visit places and meet people. People are usually very surprised when I tell them what I am doing.”His journeys have taken him across Europe, the Middle East, and America, and he has taken all kinds of interesting lifts. He has hitch-hiked with a horse and cart in Hungary, ridden a motorbike across Spain, sat in the back of a hearse in France, and enjoyed the comfort of a Rolls-Royce in Germany. The longest he has waited for a lift is twelve hours. He has been to the Pyramids in Egypt, where the driver took out a gun. Tudor was frightened, but the driver cleaned the gun and put it back again! Tudor says hitch-hiking is not dangerous, if you are careful.He has made friends all over Europe. They come and visit him in his little home in Wales. “I’m always going to hitch-hike”, Tudor says. When Josie Dew was young, she fell out of a car so she has never learnt to drive.She was still at primary school when she decided she wanted to travel. So when she was eleven, she decided to go for a long bike rides, and cycled 40 or 50 miles every day.Josie says: “The only good thing about secondary school was cycling there and back. I left when I was 16. I love cooking, so I started a business. I cooked three-course meals, and delivered them by bike! In 1985, as soon as I had some money, I cycled to Africa and back.”Josie has been to 40 countries and has had all kinds of interesting experiences. She has cycled through the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, then down into India. She has cycled through millions of locusts in the Moroccan desert. She has travelled through tornadoes in the USA. She was in Romania on Christmas Day 1989 when President Ceausescu was executed by the Government. And she hasn’t been to Egypt yet, because when she was in Turkey, a war started nearby. So she went to Greece instead.She has sometimes to travelled with friends, boyfriends and even her mother, but she has often cycled alone. She had only one really frightening experience – a man attacked her in Bulgaria. In 1997 she hurt her knee very badly, so she started writing books about her journeys. She’s written five books, and now she’s on her bike again! At the moment she’s planning to cycle around New Zealand.
She is planning to cycle around New Zealand , , ,