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SD: Lesson 12

1. Which term describes a tax placed on a product after it has been processed by a manufacturer, vendor or reseller?
Border tax adjustment, Value Added Tax (VAT), Tariff, Trade Agreement
2. Which technology uses digital certificates to secure financial transactions, and uses XML instead of a proprietary format?
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Open Buying on the Internet (OBI), Open Trading Protocol (OTP), Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
3. What is the purpose of SSL / TLS in an e-commerce transaction?
It encrypts data transmissions so private information stays private learning , Provides universal data-formatting method named %27merchant system%27, Mediates authentication between requestioner %26 payment authority, Controls inventory of raw materials from providers to supply
4. Which term describes the ability to manage the necessary steps to generate a product and distribute it to a customer?
Secure Electronic Transfer (SET), Open Buying on the Internet (OBI), Just in Time, Supply Chain
5. e-learning Which of the following relies upon digital certificates embedded in a Web browser in order to authenticate hosts, encrypt transmissions and ensure data confidentiality?