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Road to Revolution Vocabulary

Stamp Act grading , Patriots, Treaty of Paris, Thomas Paine, Sam Adams, Battle of Saratoga distance learning , Redcoats, Battle of Yorktown, Nathaniel Greene, Valley Forge, Loyalist, 1st Continental Congress, Writs of Assistance, Committees of Correspondence, Boston Massacre, 2nd Continental Congress,

Agreement stating USA was free and independent, A riot due to resentment from colonists which killed 5 colonists, Last major battle of the AR; Cornwallis troops were trapped e-learning , He was the founder of the Sons of Liberty %26 a vocal Patriot, American colonists who fought for independence, Supported American independence - %22Common Sense%22, A system of communication by Patriots through colonies, Organized the Continental Army and selected GW leader of army, Group of colonists who sent a petitition to King George III, American general who was put in charge of colonial troops, Colonist who remained loyal to British crown; supported King, Passed by Parliament which taxed all printed materials, GW and army spent winter here; 1/4 of troops died, Search warrants used by British officials to look for smugglers, British solders who fought against colonists in American Rev. english , Turning point of AR; lifted American spirits in support of war,