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Talking about food

Complete by choosing the correct options

1. Buy a ______ of biscuits
some, much, a lot of, a,
2. We have ______ sugar, I can%27t prepare that dessert.
many, a, a lot of, some,
3. How _____ strawberries do you need?
a lot of, many, some, any,
4. She drinks ____ coffee that%27s why she is so nervous
many, much, some, any,
5. Buy a ______ of milk
many, much, kilos, some,
6. There aren%27t ______ pears. Do you need more?
a, kilos, many, much,
7. Take a _____ of cake!
a lot of, any, many, much,
8. Let%27s try a _______ of that cheese before buying it.
a lot of, much, many, a,
9. We need ______ ham for the sandwiches.
any, many, much, some,
10. I only want ________ potatoes.
pound, bottle, piece, litre,
11. Is there _____ sugar on the table?
piece, gram results , carton, basket,
12. How ______ bread do we need?
carton, bottle, piece, kilo,
13. Is there ____ food in the fridge?
some, piece, kilo educational activities , gram,
14. I don%27t drink ____ milk.
Which, Some class web page , Much, How many,
15. I need a ________ eggs
any, some educational games , dozen, a kilo of,
16. ______ dessert would you like?
a few, some, little, litre,
17. Take this ______ of chocolates.
any, much, many, a few,
18. Let%27s buy a _____ cheese.
a bar of, any, a little, a few,
19. I can%27t make that dessert: there%27s ________ milk left.
half dozen, some, pound of, dozen,
20. Why don%27t we buy ______ chocolate?
any, some, much, a little,
21. I need a _____ of tomatoes
much, little, any, some,
22. Let%27s buy _____ eggs. I want to make a cake.
any, much, some,
23. I%27d like ________ coffee please
a few, few, many, some,
24. Take ______ piece of cake!
carton, pound, bottle, little,
25. Your diet isn%27t healthy: you don%27t eat _____ vegetables...
much, a few, many,
26. I need a _____ of bread for my sandwich.
any, much, some,
27. You can make a soup: there are ______ vegetables.
a little, much, a lot of,
28. Buy two ____ of tuna
many, a few, a little, some,
29. Buy a ________ of milk
dozen, piece, packet, carton,
30. There are _______ eggs: you can%27t make that cake.
kilo, loaf, tin, packet,
31. Woud you like _____ soup?
pieces, loaves, boxes ESL , tins,
32. There is _________ ham in the fridge.
slice, bunch, can crossword maker , tin,
33. I want to make a cake but we don%27t have _____ sugar...
a few, many, any,
34. I%27d like a _____ of pizza, please.
much, a little online quizzes , any help students assimilate material , some,
35. There isn%27t ____ yoghurt
much, a lot of quiz , a little, some,
36. How ______ is a kilo of pears?
slice of, little, piece of, much,
37. How ____ portions of fruit do you eat a day?
much, often, many,
38. There%27s only __________ water.
box, slice, bar, little,
39. There isn%27t ______ tomato salad.
much, many, a lot of, any,