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Indefinite pronouns

Choose the correct indefinite pronoun

1. _________ talks of her last CD. She%27s very famous.
everybody, everywhere, nobody, everything
2. I looked for it ________ but it isn%27t _________!
everything / nothing, everybody/anybody, everywhere/nowhere, everywhere/anywhere
3. Does ____ know that man? He looks familiar to me.
everyone, anything, anyone, nobody
4. Why are you taking your umbrella? Are you going ____?
somewhere, nowhere, anywhere, anybody
5. Are you going ______ tomorrow afternoon?
somewhere, anything, somebody, anywhere
6. online quizzes I can%27t find my key ____ . Have you seen it?
somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, anything
7. _______ is ready. Let%27s go!
someone, anyone, everyone, nobody
8. _______ is OK. Don%27t worry.
everywhere, anything, nobody, everything
9. interactive learning I know ____ in my neighborhood.
everybody, everywhere, anyone, anything
10. I can%27t see _____ with this fog.
nowhere, anything, nobody, nothing
11. online quizzes Would you like ___ to drink?
anything, everything, anyone, something
12. _____ wants to speak to you! Come here!
nobody, everything, someone, something
13. Never mind cooking for me. I eat _____!
something, anything, nowhere, everyone
14. Do you want ____ from the supermarket?
nothing, everything, anything, anywhere
15. ______ has sent me a Valentine card! Guess who!
no one, someone, everyone, something
16. I took _____ else%27s coat! How can I return it?
someone, anyone, everybody, something
17. Don%27t tell _____! It%27s a secret.
nobody, anybody, someone, no one
18. generate answer keys I don%27t want to waste _____ %27s time.
anyone, everything, someone, nobody
19. ____ is coming to her party. She is a nasty girl.
somebody, everyone, anybody, no one
20. I looked for it _____ ! It%27s not in his room.
nowhere, everywhere, everything, somewhere
21. There isn%27t _____ else who can help you!
everybody, somebody, anyone, no one
22. Why don%27t we go to eat _____? I%27m really hungry.
anything, something, everything, nothing
23. I put my umbrella ____ and now I can%27t find it.
nowhere, anywhere, everywhere, somewhere
24. I%27m sick; I%27m not going to eat ____ this evening.
something, everything, anything, somewhere
25. He didn%27t go ____ last weekend because he was ill.
somewhere, anywhere, anything, nowhere
26. This town is quite boring: there%27s _____ to do!
anything, everything, nothing, something
27. He%27s a stalker: he follows me _______!
everywhere create online tests , nowhere, anywhere, somewhere
28. ______ we went was full of tourists!
nowhere, somewhere, everything, everywhere
29. It was a terrible situation and ____ knew what to say.
anybody, nobody, somebody, everybody
30. build your own quiz He%27s a wizard with computers: he knows ___ about them !
nothing, something online activities , everything, somewhere
31. She rose from being a ____ to become a superstar.
somebody, anything, something, nobody
32. I%27m so thirsty. Is there ______ to drink?
someone, nothing, everything, anything
33. I%27m sad. ______ wants to help me with this problem.
everybody, nobody, somebody, anybody
34. distance learning The police questioned ____ in the house after the murder.
everyone, anybody, somebody, nobody
35. ___ can use the pool, you don’t need to be a member.
somebody, nobody, anybody, everybody
36. Did you go _____ interesting on holiday?
everywhere class website , nowhere, something, anywhere
37. Put the box down _____
everywhere, anywhere, somewhere, anything
38. educational games I don’t have ____ to stay. I need an accommodation.
anywhere, somewhere, everywhere, nowhere
39. This animal is found just here, _____ else
nowhere, anywhere, everywhere, somewhere