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4 characteristics of style periods

Baroque Period, Classical Period, Romantic Period, Modern Period,

Polyphonic texture, Major-minor tonal system established, Beginning of opera, Fugue, Suite, Toccata, Atonality, Polytonality %26 Dissonance, Impressionism, Terraced dynamics %26 Ornamentation, Unusual musical effects, Harpsichord and clavichord, Figured bass, Sonata allegro form, Multi-movement instrumental forms, Piano replaces harpsichord, Symmetrical phrasing, invite students Crescendo and diminuendo dynamic effects, Homophonic texture, Chance or aleatoric music, Rhythmic regularity, Balance, unity, refinement, online learning games Well-defined melodic lines %26 contrasting themes, online activities Harmonic simplicity, mix questions Virtuoso performers, Nationalism %26 Chromaticism, Twelve-tone or serial music, Remote modulations, Rubato, Individuality, subjectivity, emotionalism, Programmatic music %26 Character pieces, Rhythmic complexity, Rich harmonic color, Increased use of expressive indications, Electronic or synthesized music, stimulate your students Percussive qualities exploited,