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1 Terms, Forms, and Rhythm

moderato, number of 8th notes in a quarter note, natural crossword maker , D. S. al fine create online tests , number of 8th notes in a whole note, sharp, flat, sonatina, andante educational activities , accidental e-learning , number of 8th notes in a dotted half note, accent, fermata, D. C. al fine, minuet elearning , ternary form, a tempo, allegro, phrase, movement, number of 8th notes in a dotted quarter note, number of 8th notes in a half note, binary form, dynamics,

a form consisting of 2 sections; AB, return to the sign and play to the end, cancels a sharp or flat, hold a note or rest longer than its value, 6 educational games , a musical thought or sentence, a form consisting of 3 sections; ABA, return to the beginning and play to the end, lowers a note a half step, a moderate tempo between andante and allegro, a graceful courtly dance of French origin in 3/4 meter, loudness or softness in music, raises a note a half step, 3, a walking tempo, 8, 2, a fast tempo improve results , a self-contained section of a larger composition, a symbol that raises or lowers a note, return to the original tempo, a small sonata consisting of 1- 4 movements, 4 multiple choice questions , emphasis or stress on a tone,