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IBF Lesson 4

1. A Web search in which the search engine displays a list of categories and subcategories that you can browse by clicking links is called:
a foreign key, a keyword, a primary key, a query,
2. What feature provided with many e-mail programs can store information for commonly accessed e-mail contacts?
a Boolean search, a database search, a keyword search, a directory search,
3. Which search engine database contains cross-referencing fields for conceptual searches?
AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo!,
4. What is the purpose of Boolean operators?
To identify the most recent information about a particular search topic, To narrow Internet searches by requiring or excluding keywords, To organize the results of a search, To specify the parameters for a full-text index search,
5. A collection of data about a specific topic organized into rows and columns is called:
cite information from the sites you use, contact the creators of the sites you use, determine the types of institutions that host the sites you use, evaluate the ranking systems of the sites you use,
6. What is an e-mail signature?
Import tool, Address book, Autoresponder, Attachment,
7. To avoid plagiarizing information that you reference for Internet research, you should:
A digital display of one%27s handwritten signature, Proof of one%27s identity for security purposes, A closing remark that is manually attached to an e-mail test , Text that appears automatically at the bottom of an e-mail message,