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File formats

1. A sound, as the one we exported from Audacity
wav, mp3, jpg, avi
2. An image that allows saving of transparency
mpeg, gif, jpg, wmv
3. A video that reduces the number of bytes it takes to store the file, but cannot be inserted into PowerPoint
avi, mpeg, mov, wmv
4. A Quicktime movie
avi, mpeg, mov, wmv
5. interactive learning A high quality sound, usually a full length song
wav, mp3, jpeg, mov
6. Why is it important to know the format?
How can I use the file, Can I open and view the file, How much storage does it require, all of these
7. Which of these would be the largest file?
avi, mov, jpg, gif
8. Which is the new format for video, specializing in use on the web (eg. YouTube)
avi, mov (Quicktime), flv (Flash Video), gif
9. multiple choice questions Which of these was a flash animation?
flv, swf, gif, faa
10. When you %22produce%22 a video, the program will say it is %22________________%22
producing, exporting, rendering, saving
11. Which is a common term when going from project to product in sound or video?
export, produce, import, save as