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File formats

1. elearning A sound, as the one we exported from Audacity
wav, mp3, jpg, avi
2. An image that allows saving of transparency
mpeg, gif, jpg, wmv
3. school A video that reduces the number of bytes it takes to store the file, but cannot be inserted into PowerPoint
avi, mpeg, mov, wmv
4. A Quicktime movie
avi, mpeg, mov, wmv
5. A high quality sound, usually a full length song
wav, mp3, jpeg, mov
6. Why is it important to know the format?
How can I use the file, Can I open and view the file, How much storage does it require, all of these
7. Which of these would be the largest file?
avi, mov elearning , jpg, gif
8. Which is the new format for video, specializing in use on the web (eg. YouTube)
avi, mov (Quicktime), flv (Flash Video), gif
9. Which of these was a flash animation?
flv, swf, gif, faa
10. When you %22produce%22 a video, the program will say it is %22________________%22
producing, exporting, rendering, saving
11. Which is a common term when going from project to product in sound or video?
export, produce, import, save as