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IBF: Lesson 2

1. Question
Decrease your browser cache size, Clear the History folder, Increase the History folder size, Increase the browser cache,
2. Lynx is:
a graphical browser, active content, a proprietary Windows browser, a text-only browser,
3. If you disable image loading in a browser, then
1994, 1996, 1999 educational games , 2000,
4. You may not be able to view frames pages if your browser%27s copyright predates what year?
Answer_1, Answer_2, Answer_3,
5. Both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer allow you to customize:
Web pages load in text mode only, Web pages download more slowly, You can view Web pages without storing the in a disk cache, It is impossible to accept cookies from a Web site,
6. When you revisit a Web page, it loads slowly in your browser. How can you make the revisited page display more quickly?
A harmful piece of code, A helper application, A published privacy policy, A small text file,