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IBF: Lesson 1

1. High-speed data lines that handle the bulk of data transmission and form the main network connections of the Internet are known as:
a dotted quad, a server name, a top-level domain, a Web site host,
2. If you disable image loading in a browser, then:
determines the best route for information to travel between a client and a server, divides computing tasks between the client and the server using a common set of protocols, is a group of computers connected within a confined geographic area, consists of two ore more LANs that span a wide geographic area,
3. Why was the Internet created using multiple connections among multiple hosts?
Because several individuals in various locations had the same idea at the same time, To avoid a central point of vulnerability, and thus reduce the chance of total network failure, So that the researchers in various locations could communicate with each other simultaneously, To ensure the fastest possible connection speeds,
4. The three-letter domain category at the right side of a domain name is also called:
Backbones, Gateways, Packets, Routers,
5. What is a cookie?
analog T and E carriers, digital T and E carriers, fractional T and E carriers, wireless T and E carriers,
6. T and E carriers that contain fewer than the normal number of channels are known as:
Web pages load in text mode only, Web pages download more slowly, You can view Web pages without storing them in a disk cache, It is impossible to accept cookies from a Web site.,
7. Which protocol is used specifically to send e-mail to others withn an outgoing server?
A harmful piece of code, A helper application, A published privacy policy dynamic quiz , A small text file,