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1. Which of these best represents how long China%27s longest river is?
6,300km, 7,500km, 5,400km, 3,100km
2. Which of the following numbers is closest to the population of China?
1.9billion, 1.3billion, 2.1billion, 900million
3. What is the main language spoken in China?
Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, Pickonese
4. Which of these cities is the capital of China?
Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan
5. For how long have Chinese people been drinking tea?
4,000years, 1,000years, 6,000years, 3,000years
6. What are the rice fields better known as?
Rice fields, Farmers Fields, Paddy Fields, Chinese Fields
7. Which of the following best represents the crops grown in China today?
Wheat, rice, tea, potatoes, rice, bananas, Barley, rice, coffee, rice, bamboo, flowers