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The Progressive Era

Booker T. Washington, 17th amendment, Ida Tarbell, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire active teaching , Panama Canal, 16th amendment, W.E.B. DuBois, Prohibition, Interstate Commerce Act, Jane Addams, Spanish American War, Booker T Washington, Lewis Hine, Pure Food and Drug Act, Teddy Roosevelt quiz builder , The Jungle, muckraker, Thomas Nast learning , Two men - Swift and Armour, 18th amendment save time , Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, NAACP create online quizzes , Standard Oil, Charles Goodyear, Jacob Riis, Why bust trusts up?, 19th amendment, Meatpacking , Andrew Carnegie, Nellie Bly, Social Darwinism, Nellie Bly,

made their money in meatpacking and food processing educational activities , Vulcanized rubber, Gospel of Wealth, fights for the rights of African Americans, photographed and wrote about tenement life, one of the founders of the NAACP, delivered the Atlanta Compromise speech, allow for more competition, direct election of US senators, muckraker - exposed Standard Oil create online tests , reduces time in travelling from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean elearning , founded the Tuskegee Institute, banned the manufacturing and sale of alcohol, 1898 - America gets Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, led to reforms in workplace safety conditions computer assisted language learning , Prohibition begins, cartoonist - exposed Boss Tweed, women gain the right to vote create online activities , Survival of the Fittest, The Jungle exposed filth in this industry, required accurate labeling of ingredients improve results , founder of Hull House in Chicago, undercover at an asylum to expose mistreatment of patients, Upton Sinclair was the author, photographed child labor, required that railroads be fair in their pricing and practices, 10 Days in the Madhouse, gives Congress the power to tax income elearning , sought to regulate big business e-learning , John D Rockefeller, published reports that exposed corruption and filth, The US can take action against those who interfere in Western hemispstimulate your students ,