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protists and fungi

protozoa, ascus, parasites, barcidium, dinoflagellates looks like distant learning , algae, cilia, euglenas looks like, zygoe fungi produce reproductive cells in , euglenoids, mycorrhizae, spore, red algae looks like, lichen, downy mildew, diatoms looks like, pseudopods, budding, amoebas learning , body of fungus, functions of fungi, club, red algae, slime molds, hyphae, flagellates, saprophytes, lichen, sporangia english , green algae looks like:, algae, parasites,

animal like protist, footlike cytoplasmic extensions, make cheese, decompose organic material, and make bread, reroductive cells in zygote fungi, reproductive cell of fungi online education , mass of threadlike tubes composing the body of fungi class page , group of fungus hyphae and plant roots that benefit both, type of fungus that mushrooms belong to, protozoan that cannot move on their own, benefit termites because they help in digesting wood, green; has chlorplasts, flagella and eyespots, reproduction in yeast when an organism grows off side of parent, one celled algae that have characteristics of both plants and animals, move like amoebas , organisms made of fungus and green algae or cyanobacterium online education , plantlike protists, green color; has many different forms, a mass of threadlike tubes called hyphae educational activities , plantlike protists, red in color; carbohydrate carrageenan, an algae that can live up to 200 meters deep in ocean, caused the Irish potaoto famine in 1840%27s, structure in club fungi holding reprodcutive cell, golden brown color, has silica in cell walls, body in 2 halves, sax f reproductive cells in yeasts and other sac fungi, red in color; spinning flagellates; has some poison, move about and feed using footlike extensions of cytoplasm, cases of sporangia, organisms that live in or on organisms to get their food, short, threadlike structures in cell membrane that aids locomoti locomotion , organisims that get food by feeding on dead/decaying organisms, organism made of a fungus and green algae or a cyanobacteria,