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Science: The Sky

1. All of the following tell that the sun is useful, except _________?
core, corona, photosphere,
2. As Earth moves around the sun in ________
core, chromosphere, photosphere,
3. When the moon is between the sun and Earth, the side of the moon facing Earth is in darkness.The moon is not seen in the sky. This phase is called the _________
corona, core, photosphere,
4. Which of the following factors will determine the color of stars?
5. The light that the sun gives off enables plants to make food.
6. As Earth moves around the sun in _________. the moon moves around the Earth in ________. This movement is called _______
TRUE, FALSE, computer assisted language learning ,
7. Sun also allows you to see near and far objects at daytime
8. This is where the light that we see from the sun comes from.
grow, wilt, make food,
9. The sun%27s heat may also cause the soil to wet up.
10. How long does it take Earth to make one complete on its own axis?
one month, one year, one week,
11. Which of the following will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun?
one month, one year, one week,
12. is the outermost layer of the sun. It is only visible during a solar eclipse
one year,one month,revolution, one week,one month,revolution, revolution,one week,one month,
13. Simultaneously,both the moon and Earth move around their own axes. This movement is called ______________
rotation, revolution, Answer_3,
14. the moon moves around Earth in _______
48 hours, 24 hours, 10 hours print quizzes ,
15. What is the main source of energy on Earth?
full moon, new moon, first quarter phase,
16. In plants, the sun%27s heat may lead to loss of water. It may also dry up the soil and may cause plants to ________.
full moon, new moon, first quarter phase,
17. Sunlight provides energy for animals
full moon, new moon, first quarter phase,
18. What is the example of galaxy?
full moon, last quarter phase, new moon invite students ,
19. The innermost layer of the sun is called the ______. This layer is very hot
meteor, asteroid, Answer_3,
20. It is the colored part of the sun
meteor, asteroid, Answer_3,
21. Where you can find all the planets,galaxies,stars.
asteroid, meteor, constellations,
22. What phase of the moon occurs when the moon is between the sun and Earth
Sun, The Milky Way, Venus,
23. After two weeks of continuous movement around Earth,the moon passes the ___________,and then it goes back to the new moon phase
it moves around the sun, it revolves around Eart, it gives off its own light, it makes one complete revolution in one week.,
24. When an asteroid leaves it orbits and enters Earth%27s atmosphere. It is now called ____________
Solar System, The Milky Way, Universe,
25. Which of the following stars is the hottest?
9, 1, 8,
26. Which of the following statements about stars is not true
moon, sun, stars, planet,
27. At this time, one half of the moon appears lighted but only one fourth of it can be seen from Earth. This is called the _____________
It causes sunburn, It gives us heat online quizzes , It gives us light, It helps our bodies produce Vitamin D,
28. Sun also helps your body produce Vitamin A that you need to make your bones stronger and healthier
wearing a hat, drinking a lot of water, applying sunblock lotion, all of the above,
29. There are countless of stars in the universe. When they are grouped,they form outlines of different figures,people,animals and other objects.These groups of stars forming patterns are called __________________
first quarter moon, last quarter moon, full moon, new moon,
30. is a chunk of rock that goes around the sun.
Stars differ in color, Stars twinkle in the sky, Stars are circular in shape, Stars are made of hot gases,
31. When Earth is between the moon and the sun,the entire lighted side of the moon becomes visible in the sky. This phase is called the _______
red stars, white stars, yellow stars, blue stars,
32. How many are the planets?
temperature, size learning , distance from earth, size,
33. It takes _______ for Earth to complete one rotation in its axis.
one year, one month printable , 24 hrs, 1 hour,