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Colonial Vocabulary

English Bill of Rights, Glorious Revolution, Great Awakening, Navigation Acts, Treaty of Paris crossword maker , Salutary Neglect, Olaudah Equiano, Triangular Trade, Cash Crop, Middle Passage, Iroquois League, French %26 Indian War, Social Contract, Mercantilism, Albany Plan of Union, Enlightenment,

Agreement between society %26 gov%27t for protection, King James II was replaced by his daughter, Mary and William, Religious revival in the colonies. New churches were created, America N.A. tribes formed in 1500s for defense interactive , Nations seek wealth by exporting more than they import active teaching , Philosophical movement that emphasized reform in society, Three way system of trade between Africa, Europe, %26 Amer., Journey of slaves from Africa to America, Ideas that colonies benefited by being left alonestimulate your students , Document signed by William %26 Mary introducing idea of limited power, War fought on American soil over control of Ohio River Valley, Plan to unite colonies for trade, military, %26 other purposes, Agreement stating USA was a independent country, Farm crop used to be sold for money, Slave who became leader of abolitionist movement class website , Laws governing trade between England and its colonies ,