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Set 2 Kinds of Sentences

Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory,

activity Dogs are men%27s bestfriends, Your face is frightening the baby, My shoe is on fire, Do you speak Spanish, We%27re on the wrong planet, Please lend me your book, test It%27s a shame, Why do you believe that, Hello! I miss you, invite students When did you first notice that your shoe was on fire, Did you solve the puzzle yet, Will Patricia pause to place poached pickles on Paula%27s , My father works in Canada, improve results Kindly put your candy wrapper in the trash can, Ask Doris for recipe, What will you do later, web tool I want to know why you believe that, short answer questions There are more apples in the refrigerator, Ouch! You hurt me, My doctor told me to take this vitamin, english It%27s hard to believe that this paper is made from wood, My father works in an internet cafe, Kindly put your garbage in the trash can, Please accept my apology, Please sit properly, Send her a nice gift, create online activities Please take this medicine twice a day, Kindly speak English, Place your shoes on the rack, Please listen to what I say, interactive Put all your books inside your bags, Review your test papers,